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Our Service

We cater to each different clients in accordance to their budget, time schedule and required functions (i.e. residential, commercial, industrial or infrastructure). Our projects range from building structural construction, finishing, interior to renovation for various types of site or building conditions.

Abide by the law, PT. Herindo Adikarya Jaya practices code of ethics and complies with any related legal issues and procedures required. We establish and maintain a good relationship with reliable and qualified vendors and suppliers since it is our commitment to source for quality materials, products, labor and equipments with reasonable price.

We are affiliated with other supporting professionals such as structure consultant, architects, and interior designers as it is a priority to bring out the potential of a project to its optimum. Our main objective is also to develop effective communications and mechanisms among projects’ participants in order to resolve any conflicts or any technical problems.

As a professional company, PT. Herindo Adikarya Jaya takes pride and full responsibility in its job from the start till the completion of each project. It is also our integrity to provide post project regular maintenance as part of our service.

Our History

It all rooted from a young man who follows his calling and passion in building and construction. Herynan Rimba started his career in 1997 by being an apprentice of his father whom is an experienced contractor.

In the year 2000, Herynan Rimba plucked up his courage and established his own company, Herindo Adikarya Daya. It initiated  as a small and humble company providing services such as home fixing, repair, remodeling and maintenance. In the year 2002, the company was further developed and renamed into Herindo Adikarya Jaya, a general construction company with full project management system consisting of solid team work of professionals. In the year 2012, Herindo Adikarya Jaya is further solidified and officialy reformed to PT. Herindo Adikarya Jaya.

The company progressively earns its credibility through its experiences and dedicated commitment in delivering quality services to the customers. PT. Herindo Adikarya Jaya believes there is always room for improvement, therefore it continually expands and strengthens its system, resources, and network in order to give its best performance and service to the customers as well as for the growth of the organization itself.


  •  To become one of the best and well known contractor companies in Indonesia


  • Delivering the best quality service to meet customer's satisfaction, needs and budget
  • Applying green or earth friendly concept into practice in every aspect; from architectural design, end products, materials, working techniques, operational, even to personal daily lifestyle of each person in the company
  • Growing stronger together as a team of professionals with the same vision
  • Updating techniques and skills to make a breakthrough towards higher level of technology and conceptual constructions

Our Philosopy

"“Excellence and success comes to people with determination, passion, and hard work.”"

Our Strategies

  • Maintaining a good communication and relationship with clients, vendors, suppliers, affiliated professionals and fellow contractor companies
  • Close monitoring and prompt management in every stage of project
  • Adopting and implementing strong discipline in health and work safety regulation
  • Renewing and improvising the efficiency of  existing organization management system, resources, work techniques, and skills.
  • Learning from feedback and experiences